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Travel Pillow & Hoodie

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It is difficult to sleep while sitting on a plane, the main reasons being the bad position of the head not held on the sides. Falling asleep at an odd angle could create headaches when waking up. Ambient light is a strong inconvenience that prevents falling asleep.

The lack of sleep is a source of great fatigue that will be added to that of the landing

To avoid this problem the solution is this TRAVEL PILLOW & HOODIE:

  • It keeps the head on its sides and in a good position of the head at the level of the neck
  • A hoodie is positioned on the eyes and hide the light
  • It doesn't need to be inflated (Inner Material: Polyester/Cotton)
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Easy transportation; Holds little space in the Carry-on suitcase
  • Choice of various colors


Travel Pillow & Privacy Hoodie

Use :  Body

Use :  Travel

Material :  Polyester / Cotton

Filling :  Polyester / Cotton

Feature :  Massage

Part :  Neck

Shape :  U Shape

Weight :  0-0.5 kg




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